The Cholesterol Myth

Cholesterol does not cause coronary illness. The French have the most noteworthy normal cholesterol in

Europe, around 250, yet the most minimal rate of coronary illness and a large portion of the heart assaults we

have here in the U.S. In Crete, the home of the sound Mediterranean eating routine, a 10-year consider

neglected to locate a solitary heart assault in spite of normal cholesterol levels well more than 200. There are as

numerous heart assaults in individuals with cholesterol levels more than 300 as those whose levels are under

200. Half of all heart assaults happen in individuals with typical cholesterol levels.

Bringing down cholesterol does not improve wellbeing results. In those situations where cholesterollowering medications called statins seem to have had a gainful impact, it is on the grounds that they go about as

frail enemy of inflammatories, and irritation causes coronary illness. Be that as it may, there are a lot more secure

also, more successful methods for tending to aggravation than utilizing risky statin drugs.

Why at that point are in excess of 20 million Americans taking a statin medication to bring down their cholesterol?

The appropriate response is a story including the triumph of cash and control over science.

Atherosclerosis—the primary driver of heart assaults and strokes—is the collection of greasy

plaque inside the dividers of real courses. As the illness advances, supply routes become

progressively tight, making it simpler for a blood coagulation or bit of unstuck plaque to totally

square blood stream, bringing about either a heart assault or a stroke.

At the point when cholesterol was observed to be a noteworthy part of blood vessel plaque, the “cholesterol hypothesis

of coronary illness” was conceived, imagining that elevated cholesterol levels cause atherosclerosis. The

truth, be that as it may, isn’t so straightforward. Cholesterol is an anti¬oxidant, a fix and mending atom.

The body creates a greater amount of it in light of pressure and tissue harm, when fix and mending

are required. Expel the reasons for the body’s misery, similar to aggravation and oxidation, and you

lower cholesterol. It worked out that reprimanding cholesterol for coronary illness bodes well

as reprimanding the Red Cross for the calamities it reacts to.

Medication organizations reacted to the cholesterol hypothesis by putting millions in creating

cholesterol-bringing down medications. Presently, albeit fair science has refuted the cholesterol

hypothesis, these organizations have a colossal personal stake in keeping the cholesterol legend

fit as a fiddle, and they’re working admirably of doing only that.Pfizer’s Lipitor is the best-selling drug of all time. It brings in ten billion dollars a year and has
quadrupled Pfizer’s net income. Up to 80 million Americans have elevated cholesterol according
to new guidelines, making them eligible to receive statins. That’s 60 million potential customers
not yet taking statins! Pfizer and other drug giants are spending millions to convince them and
their doctors that they need statins, which are taken for life. With insurance and government
subsidies, we’re all paying for these ineffective, unnecessary, toxic drugs. It is exactly this kind
of “healthcare” that threatens to bankrupt our country!

And toxic drugs they are. Statins are loaded with nasty side effects. Some occur right away;
others crop up after years. Some cease when medications are discontinued; others don’t.

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